Mongolia’s first automobile ‘MOZO’ launched in February

Bars Motors company of Mongolia opened a joint automotive assembly plant in Hangzhou, China on December 6 and launched the production of its first automobile.

The midsize SUV named MOZO, a Mongolian portmanteau of the words Mongol (Mongolian) and Zon olon (people), has been brought to Mongolia to be launched on February 2. Bars Motors plans to launch the product and take advance orders at an open door event.
MOZO is currently being tested in Mongolia for its ability to suit Mongolia’s extreme climate and people’s demands, quality, exterior properties, and fuel efficiency and will be put on sale soon if the test goes smoothly. Authorities of the Bars Motors claim to set the price based on Mongolians’ financial comfort level.
Statistics show Mongolia spends USD 500 to 800 million on automobiles from Japan, South Korea, and the United States each year.

The joint plant in Hangzhou has a yearly capacity of 25 thousand automobiles and the company has plans to produce pure electric cars starting from next year.
Moreover, a study is being carried out to open another plant in Mongolia. “Good mechanical engineers, tools, materials, and technology are of great importance in the assembly of an automobile. We should learn innovations here in China where global technologies are gathered and this will save Mongolia USD 200 million at the very least,” said D.Demberel, Director of Bars Motors.