The MOZO Coin: Mongolia’s first tokenized stock IEO kicks off

The MOZO Coin of Bars Motors LLC will be available for purchase on December 27. In addition to being Mongolia’s first tokenized stock, purchase of the MOZO car and its parts could be bought through using the coin. Due to its unique position, the coin is generating much buzz in Mongolia, and has attracted interest from renowned financial, and crypto associations across Shanghai, New York, London, and Tokyo.

Ten percent of Bars Motors LLC is valued at 30 billion MNT, approximately 10.5 million USD. The common shares of the company are offered to the public through MOZO Finance on a virtual stock exchange. In 2022, this financing is going to be used to fund the leasing of 1000 people. 


By purchasing and owning the MOZO coin, one will be able to invest in Bars Motors LLC, Mongolia’s first car manufacturer. In addition to dividends, users can buy the MOZO cars, spare parts, make repairs, and receive other financial services through the coin. The value of the coin is expected to increase over time. 

They also assure that the value of the coin will keep ascending in the long run and be a ‘lifelong investment’ as the coin will slowly be burned,  a strategy followed by cryptocurrency projects to influence price. The official MOZO Coin webpage promises that if the rate of the MOZO coin falls below the stated value after 6 months of being traded on the secondary market, it will be repurchased at face value. 


IEO pre-order date: 2021-12-27 (GMT+8)

IEO last order date: 2021-12-29 (GMT+8)

Secondary market sales: 2022-01-03

Token name: MOZO Coin 

IEO supply: 100,000,000,000

1 MOZO Coin: 0.30 MNT

IEO total valuation: 30,000,000,000 MNT

Limit per person: 50,000,000 MNT

Exchange for IEO:

 Blockchain network: BINANCE Smart Chain

Blockchain standard: BEP20


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